Five firms are harnessing IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence capabilities to boost their businesses. North Face, an outdoor clothing retailer, uses Watson to offer personalised shopping experiences. Customers input their requirements and Watson suggests suitable products. In healthcare, Medtronic collaborates with Watson to predict hypoglycaemia in diabetes patients three hours in advance. This enables timely intervention to prevent the condition.

Staples, an office supplies company, uses Watson’s AI to power its “Easy Button” service. Customers speak their orders into the button, and Watson processes the request. IBM Watson also aids law firm Ross Intelligence by streamlining the process of legal research. Watson analyses millions of legal documents to provide precise answers to complex queries.

Lastly, Hilton Hotels employs Watson to power Connie, a robot concierge. Connie assists guests with queries and learns from each interaction to improve future engagements. These examples highlight the broad range of applications for IBM Watson’s AI, from retail and healthcare to legal services and hospitality.

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