Five leading corporate venture funds are focusing their attention on the Internet of Things (IoT). The first, Qualcomm Ventures, has invested in over 140 companies, with IoT and AI being their main focus. The second, Intel Capital, has a portfolio exceeding 1,400 companies, and IoT is one of their primary investment areas.

Thirdly, Cisco Investments has over 40 IoT-related investments, with a focus on areas such as data analytics and security. The fourth, GE Ventures, has invested in over 100 start-ups, with a particular interest in IoT and software. Lastly, Comcast Ventures, with a portfolio of over 120 companies, has a focus on IoT, particularly in relation to consumer products and services.

These five venture funds are making significant investments in IoT, indicating a strong corporate interest in this technology. This trend suggests that IoT technologies will continue to develop and expand, with significant implications for various sectors.

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