Flat organisations, those with few or no levels of management between staff and executives, utilise five key leadership attitudes. Firstly, they promote a culture of learning, encouraging employees to take on new skills and experiences. Secondly, they foster a sense of belonging, making every member feel valued and integral to the organisation.

Thirdly, they encourage a “do-ocracy,” where those who take the initiative and do the work make the decisions. This approach prioritises action over endless discussion and promotes a proactive work ethic. Fourthly, they focus on purpose over position, meaning roles are flexible and defined by the task at hand, not by a job title.

Lastly, they adopt a holistic approach, viewing the organisation as a living entity where every part is interconnected. This mindset fosters cooperation and collaboration, discouraging siloed thinking. By adopting these attitudes, flat organisations can maintain their agility and responsiveness in a rapidly changing business environment.

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