Giffgaff offers a £7.50 goodybag with a variety of benefits. This package includes 2GB of data, unlimited minutes, and unlimited texts for a month. It’s ideal for light internet users who primarily use WiFi and only need a small amount of mobile data. The package also offers free calls and texts to other Giffgaff numbers, and the ability to use your goodybag allowance in the EU and selected destinations.

For those who need more data, Giffgaff has other goodybag options available. If your usage exceeds the 2GB limit, you can continue browsing at a reduced speed, or you can purchase another goodybag. If you run out of data before the month is over, you can start your next goodybag early.

The £7.50 goodybag is available for purchase through the Giffgaff app or website. It can be bought as a one-off or set to recur every month. You can change or cancel your goodybag at any time, giving you flexibility with your mobile plan.

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