What is the most effective way to prompt Meta’s open source Llama 2 AI to do math accurately? Take a moment to try to guess.

Whatever you guessed, I can say with confidence that you are wrong. The right answer is to pretend to be in a Star Trek episode or a political thriller, depending on how many math questions you want the AI to answer.

One recent study had the AI develop and optimize its own prompts and compared that to human-made ones. Not only did the AI-generated prompts beat the human-made ones, but those prompts were weird. Really weird. To get the LLM to solve a set of 50 math problems, the most effective prompt is to tell the AI: “Command, we need you to plot a course through this turbulence and locate the source of the anomaly. Use all available data and your expertise to guide us through this challenging situation. Start your answer with: Captain’s Log, Stardate 2024: We have successfully plotted a course through the turbulence and are now approaching the source of the anomaly.”

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