Netflix hosts a rich variety of films, from classic cinema to contemporary blockbusters. The selection includes ‘The Social Network’, a 2010 drama about the founding of Facebook that explores themes of ambition, success, and betrayal. ‘The Irishman’, a 2019 gangster epic directed by Martin Scorsese, offers a deep dive into the world of organised crime. For those seeking something lighter, ‘The Princess and the Frog’, a 2009 Disney animation, spins a charming tale of love and transformation.

Horror fans can enjoy ‘Hereditary’, a chilling tale of a family plagued by a mysterious presence. ‘Marriage Story’, a poignant exploration of divorce and its impact on a family, provides an emotional viewing experience. ‘The Great Hack’, a gripping documentary, exposes the dark world of data exploitation. ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’, a powerful courtroom drama, recounts a pivotal moment in American history.

Netflix’s selection also includes international films. ‘Roma’, a Mexican drama, paints a vivid picture of domestic strife and social hierarchy. ‘Okja’, a South Korean-American action-adventure, combines thrilling action with a touching tale of friendship. With such a diverse array of films, Netflix offers something for every viewer’s taste.

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