Workplace social networking is evolving, with platforms such as Facebook Workplace and Slack losing ground to newer, more specialised tools. One such innovation is ‘TalkFreely’, an internal communications app designed to foster better engagement and communication within businesses. TalkFreely offers a unique combination of features, including news feeds, surveys, idea sharing, and personalised content, all aimed at boosting employee involvement and collaboration.

One company to embrace this new technology is the UK-based Pets at Home. The pet supplies retailer, with over 450 stores nationwide, rolled out TalkFreely to its 8,000 employees in 2017. The results have been overwhelmingly positive, with the app significantly improving communication and engagement across the company. It has also been instrumental in gathering feedback, with Pets at Home conducting regular surveys through the platform to gauge employee sentiment.

The success of TalkFreely at Pets at Home underscores the potential of such platforms to revolutionise internal communications. By providing a more interactive, engaging way for employees to connect, these tools can help foster a more collaborative, productive work environment. As the work landscape continues to evolve, businesses may well find that embracing such technology is key to staying ahead.

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