A new working constitution has emerged, codifying a liquid holacracy governance model for decentralised organisations. The model, developed by ConsenSys, is designed to replace traditional hierarchical structures with a more fluid, decentralised approach. This system allows for the creation of circles, or teams, which operate independently but are still part of the overall organisation.

In this model, every team member has a role and specific accountabilities. This structure encourages a more efficient, flexible and transparent way of working. The constitution also includes a conflict resolution mechanism, which is designed to resolve disagreements in a fair and equitable manner.

The liquid holacracy model is already being used by several companies, including ConsenSys itself, which has over 600 employees across 28 countries. This model is seen as a way to foster innovation and collaboration, while also providing a clear framework for governance. It is expected that more companies will adopt this model in the future, as it offers a viable alternative to traditional hierarchical structures.

This development is part of a broader trend towards decentralisation and the use of blockchain technology in governance. It represents a significant shift in the way organisations are run, moving away from top-down management towards a more democratic, inclusive and efficient model.

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