A triple operating system is proposed for organisations to survive and thrive in a complex world. This system encompasses three key elements: work, learning, and innovation.

Work represents the hierarchical structure found in most organisations, where tasks are assigned and completed. This is a necessary component for any organisation, ensuring routine tasks are performed efficiently.

Learning, on the other hand, is about cooperation and sharing. It’s a networked system where knowledge is shared freely and everyone learns from each other. It’s less structured than work, but equally important, as it allows organisations to adapt to new situations and challenges.

Innovation is the third element, which is about collaboration and creation. It involves working together to generate new ideas and solutions. It’s the most unstructured of the three, but crucial for an organisation’s long-term survival.

In essence, the triple operating system integrates these three elements, allowing organisations to perform routine tasks efficiently, learn and adapt to new situations, and generate innovative solutions. This system is seen as a way forward for organisations operating in a complex world.

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