Venture capitalist Mark Suster shares ten valuable insights he wishes he’d known as an entrepreneur. First, he suggests that start-ups should aim to solve real problems, rather than creating solutions in search of a problem. Second, he advises that companies should focus on a single product before branching out. Third, he stresses the importance of a strong team, stating that a company is only as good as its people.

Suster’s fourth point is that entrepreneurs should aim for rapid, measurable progress. He also emphasises the importance of being adaptable and responsive to change. His sixth insight is that start-ups should aim for a large, scalable market.

On the topic of funding, Suster advises entrepreneurs to raise money when they can, not when they need to. He also suggests that start-ups should aim to generate revenue early on, rather than relying solely on funding. His ninth point is that entrepreneurs should aim to build relationships with investors and stakeholders, rather than simply pitching to them.

Lastly, Suster advises that entrepreneurs should enjoy the journey, rather than focusing solely on the end goal. He suggests that the process of building a company is often more rewarding than the final outcome.

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