Centralway Numbrs, a Swiss fintech company, focuses on creating the future of mobile banking. It offers an app that enables users to manage their personal finances and bank accounts from various banks, all in one place. The app also provides users with a comprehensive overview of their financial status, making money management easier and more convenient.

Centralway’s team comprises over 100 professionals from 25 different nations, all working from their headquarters in Zurich. This diverse and international team is committed to providing the best user experience and is constantly working on developing innovative features for the app.

Centralway’s vision is to make banking more accessible and user-friendly. It aims to provide a platform where users can not only manage their finances but also gain insights into their spending habits, thereby helping them make informed financial decisions. Centralway believes that everyone should have access to the best financial services, no matter where they are or which bank they use.

In line with this vision, Centralway has secured partnerships with some of the world’s leading banks and financial institutions. These collaborations ensure that the app is compatible with a wide range of banking systems, allowing users to manage their finances seamlessly, regardless of their chosen bank.

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