EPIC is a global community that brings together people who are passionate about ethnography in business. This diverse group includes professionals from disciplines such as user experience, product design, marketing, and strategy. They use ethnography to make businesses more human-centred and innovative. EPIC promotes the integration of rigorous methods and theories from social sciences into business practices. It offers a platform for professionals to share knowledge, collaborate, and build skills through an annual conference, publications, and courses.

EPIC is a non-profit organisation, guided by a board of directors and a team of volunteers. It was launched in 2005 to address the growing need for resources and support in the field of business ethnography. Its mission is to ensure that businesses can make sound decisions and create value by understanding the complexities of human behaviour.

EPIC champions the use of ethnography in business because it provides deep insight into people’s values, behaviours, and social contexts. This understanding can help businesses to design products, services, and strategies that truly meet people’s needs. EPIC also believes that ethnography can foster empathy and respect for people’s diverse experiences and perspectives, leading to more inclusive and sustainable business practices.

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