Acoustic office seating offers a solution to the noise challenges in open-plan offices. The five top acoustic office seats include the Den Privacy booth, the Away from the Desk seating, the Cocoon Media Unit, the Railway Carriage, and the Meeting Den.

The Den Privacy booth is a versatile option, providing a quiet space for focused work or private calls. It features a high back and sides for acoustic privacy, with a range of finishes available. The Away from the Desk seating is a flexible system that can be configured to suit any space. It includes integrated tables and power options, making it ideal for collaborative work.

The Cocoon Media Unit is a high-tech solution, featuring a media screen and power outlets. It provides a semi-private space for presentations and video calls. The Railway Carriage, with its high sides and roof, offers a secluded space for meetings or focused work. It can be customised with various finishes and power options.

Finally, the Meeting Den offers a private space for meetings or collaborative work. It has a modular design, allowing for multiple configurations, and comes with integrated power and data ports. All these options help to create a more productive and less stressful work environment by reducing noise distractions.

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