Important article outlining the methods and algorithms for replacing bad managers with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the typical corporate tech office space, including overview of human behavior and predictability, common characteristics of bad managers, ideas and tricks for how to replicate bad management habits, other wonderful rightsizing [sic] solutions, and more

Recently, there has been a great deal of Internet chatter over the AI revolution, disruption and similar nonsense. A bunch of companies have developed sophisticated tools, you can interact with these tools using "natural" language, and all of a sudden, it’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) everywhere, everything. Just like the fads of touch and smart this that a decade back. Boring. Worst of all, there’s this whole talk about how AI will disrupt the modern workplace. Specifically, how AI can or should replace human workers. Sure, except those ought to be clueless middle-level managers, and not ordinary grunts. Let’s elaborate.

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