Dropbox is taking a significant step towards becoming a more business-friendly platform. The cloud storage company is introducing an exciting new feature: shared accounts. This feature allows multiple users to access and manage the same Dropbox account, a major boon for businesses and collaborative projects.

Shared accounts will utilise a two-tier system. The first tier includes full access members who can view, edit, and manage all files and folders. The second tier is for members with limited access, who can only view and edit certain files. This system provides a high level of control over who can access specific data, ensuring security and privacy.

Dropbox’s shared accounts also offer a unique audit log feature. This keeps track of all account activity, including file modifications, deletions, and additions. It’s a valuable tool for businesses to monitor and manage their data usage.

However, the new feature isn’t free. It’s part of Dropbox’s Business package, which costs $15 per user per month. But considering the benefits and convenience of shared accounts, it’s a small price to pay for businesses seeking a streamlined, collaborative cloud storage solution.

Overall, Dropbox’s shared accounts are a promising development for businesses. They offer a high level of control, enhanced security, and efficient data management, all of which are essential for successful collaboration.

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