Venture Hacks offers advice for reading more effectively, highlighting the importance of choosing the right material, focusing on understanding key concepts, and applying knowledge. Reading isn’t about quantity, but about quality and understanding. It’s vital to select books that align with personal interests or professional goals, maximising benefit from time invested.

Speed reading, while popular, can hinder comprehension. Instead, Venture Hacks suggests taking time to digest information, making notes, and re-reading sections if necessary. It’s better to fully understand one book than to skim through several.

The application of knowledge is also crucial. Reading should not be a passive activity, but should involve thinking about how new information can be used in real-life contexts. The site also recommends discussing what you’ve read with others, as this can deepen understanding and facilitate the application of knowledge.

Finally, Venture Hacks encourages readers to take breaks and not feel pressured to finish every book. If a book isn’t useful or enjoyable, it’s fine to stop reading. The key is to use reading as a tool for learning and growth, not as a measure of productivity.

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