Anthemis Group, a leading digital financial services investment and advisory firm, has launched the Anthemis Institute. The Institute aims to foster a deep understanding of the nature of finance and its role in society, and to drive the reinvention of financial services for the digital age. The Institute will act as a hub for thought leadership, fostering collaboration between academics, entrepreneurs, regulators and incumbents.

The Anthemis Institute will focus on three main areas of activity: research, education and community building. Research will delve into the nature of finance, its role in society and how technology can transform it. Education will provide learning opportunities for people at all stages of their careers, from students to senior executives. Community building will bring together a diverse group of individuals and organisations to collaborate on new ideas and solutions.

The Institute’s inaugural research project, ‘Finance and Society’, will explore the relationship between finance and society, tracing the evolution of finance from its earliest forms to the present day. The project will also examine how digital technology is changing the nature of finance and its role in society. The Institute will also host a series of events, including the Anthemis Fellowship, a programme designed to nurture the next generation of financial services leaders.

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