Shaw Method of swimming, inspired by the Alexander Technique, focuses on improving efficiency, health and enjoyment in the water. The method encourages a mindful approach to swimming, emphasising on balance, coordination, and understanding how the body works. It’s a holistic approach, with benefits extending beyond the pool, improving posture, reducing stress, and increasing overall well-being.

The Shaw Method transforms traditional swimming strokes, aligning them with principles of the Alexander Technique. This results in a more natural, relaxed swimming style, reducing strain on the neck, back and shoulders. Key changes include swimming with the head above water, a ‘glide’ phase in each stroke, and a focus on whole-body movement.

The method’s effectiveness lies in its adaptability, suitable for swimmers of all ages and abilities. It’s particularly beneficial for those with physical discomfort or fear of water, as the gentle, mindful approach helps to build confidence and ease pain. The Shaw Method also offers training for swimming teachers, promoting its principles and techniques to a wider audience.

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