Atlassian’s Marketplace, a hub for third-party developers to sell their software, has generated over $120m in sales since its launch in 2012. The platform allows developers to create plug-ins and extensions for Atlassian’s suite of products, which include project management tool JIRA and team collaboration software Confluence. The Marketplace has seen a surge in popularity, with sales quadrupling from $25m in 2013 to over $120m in 2015.

This growth has been driven by a combination of factors. Atlassian’s own user base has expanded significantly, providing a larger market for third-party developers. Additionally, the company’s decision to move its products to the cloud has made it easier for developers to create and sell their software.

The success of the Marketplace has also been beneficial for Atlassian. It has not only provided a new revenue stream but also helped to enhance the functionality and versatility of its products. This has made them more appealing to businesses, boosting Atlassian’s own sales.

Despite this success, Atlassian faces competition from other tech companies offering similar platforms, such as Salesforce and Slack. However, the company remains confident in its ability to maintain its growth and attract more developers to its Marketplace.

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