“World War One: The Voice of the Army” is a compelling radio programme that uncovers the experiences of British soldiers during the First World War. Narrated by Sean Bean, it provides a unique insight into the lives of these men, using their own words taken from letters, diaries, and memoirs. The programme delves into the soldiers’ thoughts and feelings about the war, their comrades, and the enemy. It also explores the impact of the war on their lives and their relationships with those back home.

The programme reveals the camaraderie and solidarity among the soldiers, despite the horrors of war. It also highlights the soldiers’ resilience and courage, their humour in the face of adversity, and their determination to survive. The programme also discusses the soldiers’ perceptions of the enemy, often depicting them not as faceless adversaries but as fellow human beings caught in the same tragic circumstances.

The programme also explores the soldiers’ relationships with their families and loved ones back home. It reveals the poignant letters they wrote, expressing their longing for home and their fears of not returning. It also shows how the war affected their relationships, often leading to misunderstandings and strains.

In all, “World War One: The Voice of the Army” provides a profound and moving portrait of the British soldiers during the First World War, offering a unique and personal perspective on this pivotal period in history.

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