A user of a 960GB Crucial SSD installed in an early 2011 MacBook Pro reported persistent ‘beachballing’ issues. Beachballing is a term used to describe a computer’s slow response time, symbolised by a spinning beach ball cursor. The user tried various solutions, including resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) and the Non-Volatile Random Access Memory (NVRAM), but the problem persisted.

After seeking advice on the Crucial community forum, a Crucial product expert suggested the issue could be due to the MacBook’s SATA interface, which may not be compatible with the SSD’s SATA III interface. The expert recommended using a SATA II SSD or a newer MacBook model.

The user also contacted Apple Support, who suggested running a hardware test. The test identified a potential issue with the MacBook’s logic board. However, the user was sceptical as the MacBook functioned well with the original hard drive.

A forum member suggested the issue could be due to the MacBook’s inability to handle the SSD’s power requirements. The user was advised to use a power management tool to reduce the SSD’s power consumption. This suggestion was seconded by another forum member, who had successfully resolved a similar issue using this method.

The user is currently considering these suggestions while also contemplating the possibility of a hardware upgrade.

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