Peter Hince, former head roadie for Queen, shares his unique experiences from his time working with the iconic rock band. From the late 1970s to the mid-1980s, Hince was responsible for setting up and maintaining the band’s equipment, a job that brought him into close contact with the band members. He provides a candid and intimate look into the band’s dynamics, revealing that the members often argued but were always united by their shared passion for music.

Hince’s role was not just technical; he was also a confidant and friend to the band members, particularly Freddie Mercury. He recounts Mercury’s extraordinary stage presence and charisma, describing him as a ‘true performer’ who was always committed to giving his best, even when he was unwell. Hince also shares anecdotes about Mercury’s private life, painting a picture of a man who was deeply private yet loved to entertain.

The job was demanding and often exhausting, but Hince found it rewarding. He was part of Queen’s journey from playing in small clubs to selling out stadiums. He witnessed the band’s evolution, their struggles and their triumphs, and was there for some of their most iconic moments, including the legendary Live Aid performance. Despite the challenges, Hince looks back on his time with Queen fondly, describing it as an ‘intense, rewarding job’.

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