Bosch’s deputy chairman, Dr. Markus Heyn, emphasises the potential of connectivity for the logistics sector. It can streamline processes, reduce costs and improve transparency, making it a key driver of Industry 4.0. Connectivity can also help reduce the 50 billion euros wasted annually through inefficiencies in the logistics chain. To unlock these benefits, Bosch is developing a range of solutions, including a cloud-based software service for connected logistics and a sensor-based tracking solution.

Dr. Stefan Asenkerschbaumer, Bosch’s CFO, points out the importance of data security and privacy in this context. Bosch is therefore designing its solutions with built-in security and data protection features. The company is also advocating for a common set of standards to ensure interoperability between different systems and devices.

Bosch’s connected logistics solutions are already being used by several companies, including Volkswagen and BMW. In the future, Bosch plans to expand its portfolio with new solutions for connected buildings, connected mobility and connected industry. The company believes that these solutions will not only improve efficiency but also contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly logistics sector.

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