Volkmar Denner, CEO of Bosch, is driving the company towards the future of the internet of things (IoT). Bosch is set to become a leading software company, with half of its 46,000 engineers now working in software development. A key project is a sensor that, when installed in cars, can collect data about the vehicle’s performance and the driver’s habits, which can then be analysed for improvements and personalised services.

Denner is pushing for the adoption of the IoT in the industry sector too, with Bosch’s own factories serving as a testing ground. The company’s plant in Homburg has already seen a 25% increase in productivity through IoT integration. The CEO envisions a future where all machines and products are interconnected, with constant data exchange leading to optimised processes and personalised customer experiences.

Despite these advancements, Denner warns of potential risks. He emphasises the importance of data protection and the need for stringent security measures. He also highlights the need for international standards for data exchange. He believes that without these, the IoT’s potential may be limited.

Denner’s leadership is transforming Bosch from a traditional industrial company into a future-oriented IoT powerhouse. His vision of interconnected machines and products offers a glimpse into the future of industry and personalisation. Yet, he remains aware of the challenges that lie ahead, particularly in terms of data protection and the need for international standards.

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