Bosch, a multinational engineering and technology company, has adopted a new approach to internal communication, focusing on use cases to drive connections. The company’s internal social network, Bosch Connect, has evolved into a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing, with over 100,000 active users. Bosch’s communication team has made efforts to ensure it is user-friendly, intuitive, and useful for employees.

To encourage adoption, Bosch has identified and promoted specific use cases where the platform can add value. These range from project management and event organisation to innovation and idea brainstorming. The use case approach has proven successful, with an increase in user engagement and satisfaction.

Bosch has also implemented a ‘Digital Fitness’ programme, offering training and support to employees to improve their digital skills. This has complemented the use case strategy, enabling employees to better utilise the platform and contribute to a more connected, collaborative company culture.

Finally, Bosch has recognised the importance of leadership engagement in driving digital transformation. Leaders actively use the platform, modelling the desired behaviour and demonstrating the benefits of digital collaboration. This approach has been key in promoting a culture of openness and transparency within the company.

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