Brands are increasingly realising the need to bring their social media operations back in-house, as opposed to outsourcing them to agencies. This shift is attributed to the growing importance of social media in customer engagement and brand reputation. Brands are recognising that social media is not just about marketing, but also about customer service, product development, and even crisis management.

In-house social media teams have the advantage of being more deeply immersed in the brand, thus enabling them to provide more authentic and consistent interactions with customers. They are also able to respond more quickly to customer queries or complaints.

However, building an in-house social media team requires significant investment in terms of time, resources, and training. Brands must also be prepared to give their social media teams the autonomy to make decisions and respond to customer issues in real-time.

Despite these challenges, the trend towards in-house social media teams is expected to continue, given the critical role of social media in today’s business landscape. Brands that are able to effectively manage their social media presence in-house are likely to enjoy a competitive advantage in terms of customer engagement and brand loyalty.

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