BT Legal, the in-house legal team of British Telecom, has undergone significant transformation under the leadership of Chris Fowler. The team has adopted a more commercial approach to their work, integrating with the business and influencing strategic decisions. This shift has seen the team move from being a traditional legal service provider to a strategic partner within the organisation.

The transformation process was driven by a desire to increase efficiency and reduce costs. BT Legal has embraced technology, adopting a range of tools to automate routine tasks and improve the management of legal work. These tools include a contract management system and an artificial intelligence tool for contract analysis.

The team has also focused on developing the skills and capabilities of its members. It has introduced a programme of continuous professional development, which includes training in areas such as commercial awareness and project management. This approach has enabled the team to deliver more value to the business, and has been recognised with several industry awards.

The transformation of BT Legal demonstrates the potential for in-house legal teams to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of their organisations. It highlights the importance of embracing technology and investing in continuous professional development. It also underscores the value of a commercial approach, with legal teams playing a strategic role in the business.

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