Bud Caddell, founder of NOBL, shares insights on the importance of speed and timing in business. He emphasises that speed is not merely about moving fast; it’s about understanding when to move. Caddell cites the example of the hare and the tortoise, stating that the hare isn’t necessarily the winner despite its speed. The tortoise, with its slow but steady approach, often comes out on top.

Caddell also discusses the idea of ‘clock time’ versus ‘event time’. In Western cultures, people typically operate on clock time, scheduling and planning based on the hours and minutes of the day. Conversely, event time is more prevalent in Eastern cultures, where activities are driven by the completion of tasks rather than a strict timetable.

Caddell further explores the concept of ‘pacing layers’ in organisations. These are different aspects of a company that change at varying speeds. For example, the core purpose of a business may remain constant over decades, while its processes and tools may evolve rapidly.

In conclusion, Caddell encourages businesses to understand the importance of speed and timing, and to recognise that different elements within an organisation will change at different rates. This understanding, he suggests, is crucial for effective decision-making and long-term success.

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