Manufacturing software company, Plethora, has raised $20m in a Series A funding round, led by Founders Fund. The San Francisco-based start-up aims to make manufacturing as simple as ordering a pizza. Plethora’s software allows engineers to design, price and order custom parts directly from their computer-aided design (CAD) software. The company has built a factory in San Francisco with cutting-edge CNC machines, which can make parts in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. The software checks the design for manufacturability, provides instant pricing, and places the order directly with the factory. Plethora’s goal is to speed up the manufacturing process, reduce costs, and make it more accessible for all businesses, regardless of size. The company plans to use the funding to expand its manufacturing capabilities and grow its team. Plethora’s software could revolutionise the manufacturing industry by making it faster, cheaper and more accessible.

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