Building analytics at 500px, a photography community platform, required a significant shift in data strategy. Initially, data was scattered across different sources, making it challenging to extract useful insights. A new analytics system was developed, involving a data pipeline that consolidates information from various sources into a single, accessible database.

The first step involved establishing a data pipeline using Amazon Redshift, which allowed for data collection from different sources. This was followed by the creation of a data dictionary to ensure data consistency and accuracy. A business intelligence tool, Looker, was then utilised to visualise the data, providing the team with easy-to-understand, actionable insights.

The new analytics system has proven beneficial in various ways. It has enabled the team to track user behaviour, monitor key metrics, and make informed decisions based on data-driven insights. The system also allows for the tracking of long-term trends, providing a comprehensive understanding of user behaviour and platform performance.

Despite these advancements, challenges remain. The team is still working on improving data accuracy, ensuring data integrity, and optimising the system for better performance. The goal is to make data more accessible and actionable for all team members. This experience underscores the importance of a robust analytics system in driving business growth and success.

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