Businesses have successfully digitised their operations but are yet to fully transform digitally. This is according to a survey by MIT Sloan Management Review and Capgemini Consulting. The survey found that while 78% of respondents believe that digital transformation will become critical in the next two years, only 38% of businesses have moved beyond the early stages of transformation.

The survey also revealed a disconnect between managers and employees. While 63% of C-level executives believe they are taking a proactive approach to digital transformation, only 43% of middle managers and staff agree. This suggests that businesses are struggling to implement digital transformation strategies at all levels.

Despite these challenges, the survey identified companies that are leading the way in digital transformation. These firms are characterised by an engaged senior management, a clear vision of how digital technologies can transform their business, and a workforce that is engaged and ready to make the change. The study highlights the need for a comprehensive approach to digital transformation, involving all levels of a business and a clear strategy for implementation.

While many businesses have made significant strides in digitising their operations, the survey suggests there is still much work to be done to fully realise the benefits of digital transformation.

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