Enterprise Digital SUMMIT Paris invites participation from digital leaders, strategists, and practitioners across Europe. The summit, scheduled for 14th and 15th November 2022, aims to foster thought leadership and inspire change in the digital world.

The event focuses on digital transformation and customer experience. It seeks to discuss the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for organisations in the digital age. The summit is looking for speakers to share their insights on various topics, including digital strategy, customer experience, digital marketing, and data analytics.

The summit encourages speakers to explore the future of digital transformation, delve into the role of data in customer experience, and discuss the impact of digital marketing on business growth. It also aims to facilitate networking among digital leaders, fostering an exchange of ideas and experiences.

Interested participants are invited to submit their proposals by 31st March 2022. The proposals should include a brief biography, a description of the presentation, and at least three key takeaways for the audience. The selection process will be carried out by a committee of experts, ensuring a diverse and engaging line-up of speakers.

Enterprise Digital SUMMIT Paris promises to be a platform for insightful discussions, innovative ideas, and networking opportunities, bringing together digital leaders from across Europe.

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