Catchbox is a pioneering company that has developed a throwable microphone to make public speaking more engaging. This innovative product is designed to facilitate audience participation, making meetings, conferences, and events more interactive. The microphone is housed in a soft, lightweight box that can be easily thrown from person to person, breaking down barriers and encouraging more people to share their thoughts.

Catchbox offers two main products: the Catchbox Lite and the Catchbox Plus. The Lite model is suitable for smaller venues, while the Plus model is designed for larger settings, offering a greater range. Both models feature patented auto-mute technology, which prevents unwanted noise when the device is in motion.

In addition to its core products, Catchbox also provides customisable options, allowing organisations to add their branding to the microphone. This feature is particularly beneficial for corporate events or promotional activities.

Catchbox’s innovative approach to public speaking has been recognised with several awards, including the Best New Audio Product at InfoComm 2014. The company’s products are used by a wide range of customers, including educational institutions, businesses, and event organisers.

Catchbox is committed to improving audience engagement and transforming the way people communicate in public settings. Its throwable microphones offer a unique solution to the common problem of audience participation, making public speaking a more interactive and enjoyable experience.

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