Four signs indicate that digital is disrupting the enterprise. Firstly, senior executives are taking a keen interest in digital strategies, recognising their potential to transform business models. They are investing in digital initiatives and seeking ways to leverage technology for competitive advantage.

Secondly, digital is changing the way businesses operate, with new roles emerging such as Chief Digital Officer. These roles are responsible for driving digital strategy and transformation, reflecting the growing importance of digital capabilities in business operations.

Thirdly, digital is reshaping customer relationships. Companies are using digital channels to engage with customers, gather data, and personalise experiences. This is helping to build stronger relationships and improve customer loyalty.

Lastly, digital is disrupting traditional business models. Companies are using technology to create new products and services, disrupt industries, and redefine markets. This is leading to a shift in business strategy, with companies increasingly focusing on digital innovation.

In summary, digital is not just a trend, but a major force disrupting the enterprise. It’s changing the way businesses operate, transforming customer relationships, and reshaping business models. Companies that embrace digital can gain a competitive advantage and drive growth.

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