Climpson’s Arch, nestled in East London’s Hackney, serves as a multifaceted space for coffee lovers. By day, it functions as a roastery, brewing and distributing Climpson & Sons’ signature blends. Come evening, it transforms into a dining destination, offering a unique experience of coffee-infused gastronomy. The menu, curated by rotating resident chefs, incorporates coffee elements, showcasing the versatility of the beloved bean.

The space also serves as a training ground, offering courses for aspiring baristas and coffee enthusiasts alike. From coffee cupping to latte art, Climpson’s Arch provides a comprehensive education for those keen to delve into the world of coffee.

The venue’s design is a nod to its industrial past. It retains the original brickwork of the railway arch it occupies, giving it a raw, rustic charm. This aesthetic, combined with the aromatic scent of fresh coffee, creates a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Climpson’s Arch is more than a coffee shop; it’s a celebration of coffee culture. It’s where coffee craftsmanship meets culinary innovation, where trainees learn the art of the brew, and where the aromas of roasting beans and cooking food intermingle. It’s a place for coffee lovers to immerse themselves in the full coffee experience, from bean to cup.

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