Colonising the Clouds proposes an intriguing concept: the idea that the digital realm, or the ‘cloud’, is akin to a new territory ripe for colonisation. It’s a landscape teeming with potential, yet also fraught with the same ethical and political challenges that marked historical colonisation. The cloud’s settlers are the tech giants, with their monopolistic tendencies and data harvesting practices.

The digital landscape is being shaped by these entities, much like the physical world was moulded by colonial powers. This raises questions about digital sovereignty and the rights of the individual within this new frontier. It’s not just about who owns the data, but who controls the infrastructure and the rules.

The cloud is not a neutral space. It is designed and controlled, and these designs have implications. They can reinforce existing power structures, or they can challenge and disrupt them. The cloud’s colonisers are not just shaping the digital world; they are shaping the physical world too, through the control of data and the influence this confers.

The article poses the question: if the cloud is a new territory, what kind of world are we building? It’s a question that requires careful thought and collective action. The cloud is not just a tool, but a space that reflects our values and aspirations. It’s a new frontier, and it’s up to us to decide what kind of frontier it will be.

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