King’s Cross, once known for its industrial past, has transformed into a property hotspot due to its excellent transport links. The area is ideal for those who work in the city but prefer suburban living, with several appealing commuter towns within a 60-minute journey.

St Albans, Hertfordshire, tops the list with its 20-minute commute and top-rated schools. The average home costs £600,000, making it a more affordable option than King’s Cross. Hitchin, also in Hertfordshire, offers a slightly longer 35-minute commute but has a more reasonable average property price of £400,000.

Bedfordshire’s Flitwick and Luton are other viable options. Flitwick’s 45-minute commute and average house price of £350,000 make it attractive, while Luton’s 25-minute commute and £250,000 average home price offer great value.

In Cambridgeshire, Huntingdon is a 50-minute commute away, with an average house price of £300,000. Peterborough, with its 50-minute commute and £200,000 average property price, is the most affordable option.

Essex’s Harlow and Chelmsford also make the list. Harlow, a 35-minute commute, has an average home price of £350,000. Chelmsford, a 35-minute commute, is slightly pricier with homes averaging £400,000.

These towns offer a balance of affordability, quality of life, and easy commutes, making them ideal for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of King’s Cross without sacrificing convenience.

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