Alignment is crucial for successful agile transformation. To achieve this, using canvases as visualisation tools can be beneficial. Canvases help to create a shared understanding of the transformation, enabling teams to see the big picture and their role within it. They can facilitate conversations about the transformation, helping to align everyone’s understanding and expectations.

The first step in using canvases is to create a Transformation Canvas. This identifies the purpose of the transformation, the measures of success, and the principles that will guide the process. It also highlights potential obstacles and how to overcome them.

Next, create a Change Canvases for each team involved in the transformation. These canvases detail the specific changes each team will undergo, the benefits they will gain, and the challenges they may face.

Finally, create an Experiment Canvas for each change identified. These canvases outline the steps to implement the change, the expected results, and how success will be measured.

By using canvases, teams can gain a clear understanding of the transformation, their part in it, and the steps needed to achieve success. This can lead to more effective and efficient agile transformations.

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