Dave Eggers, a celebrated American writer, shares his affection for newspapers and the unique aspects he appreciates most about them. Eggers values the physicality of newspapers, appreciating their tangible nature and the sense of history they convey. He also praises the serendipity of newspapers, the way they present information and stories that readers might not have sought out, but find intriguing nonetheless.

Eggers lauds the breadth of topics covered in newspapers, from local news to international affairs, sports to arts, all in one place. He admires the dedication of newspaper journalists, often working long hours under tight deadlines to deliver accurate and timely news. He also notes the importance of newspapers in holding power to account and providing a check on government.

Despite the rise of digital media, Eggers believes there is still a place for newspapers. He suggests that they offer a more focused reading experience, free from the distractions of pop-ups and notifications. Eggers also notes the sense of community that newspapers foster, serving as a shared source of information for a local area or city. He concludes by expressing his hope that newspapers will continue to thrive and adapt in the digital age.

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