dConstruct 2015, Brighton’s premier design and creativity conference, took place on 11th September. The event, themed around ‘Designing the Future’, brought together a diverse group of speakers who explored how technology and design shape our world. Keynote speaker Brian David Johnson, Intel’s futurist, discussed how to design tomorrow, emphasising the role of storytelling in shaping the future. Designer Carla Diana discussed the intersection of the digital and physical worlds, while Josh Clark, author of ‘Tapworthy’, explored the future of interaction design in a world of connected devices. Amber Case, a cyborg anthropologist, examined the impact of technology on human evolution. Other speakers included John Willshire, who shared insights on innovative product design, and Dan Hill, who explored the role of design in shaping smart cities. The event also offered workshops on topics like responsive web design and digital product design. dConstruct 2015 provided a platform for forward-thinking ideas, fostering debate and discussion about the future of design and technology.

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