Design Kit is a platform that provides resources, tools, and methods to implement human-centred design. It’s an innovative approach that places people at the heart of the design process, ensuring the final product meets real-world needs. The platform offers a free online course, ‘The Field Guide to Human-Centred Design,’ which provides practical lessons on implementing this design approach.

Design Kit also includes a comprehensive library of over 50 design methods, ranging from brainstorming to prototyping. Each method comes with a detailed guide, including the time required, complexity level, and materials needed. These tools are designed to encourage creativity and foster problem-solving skills.

The platform additionally offers stories from designers around the world, providing real-life examples of human-centred design in action. These case studies serve as inspiration and demonstrate the impact of this design approach across various sectors, including healthcare, education, and social innovation.

Design Kit is a project of, an organisation focused on spreading human-centred design to tackle poverty and advance global development. The platform is part of their effort to democratise design, making it accessible and beneficial to all.

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