The UK Government has established a Digital and Technology Skills Matrix, which outlines the key skills required in digital, data and technology (DDaT) roles across the public sector. The matrix is divided into four main capabilities: digital, data and technology (DDaT), leadership, commercial, and delivering at pace. Each capability is further broken down into various skills and competencies.

The DDaT capability includes skills such as user-centred design, agile working, and technical understanding. Leadership capability focuses on inspiring and motivating others, making effective decisions, and developing self and others. Commercial capability covers procuring and managing resources, understanding the market, and managing contracts and suppliers. Delivering at pace, the final capability, emphasises delivering timely results, planning and prioritising, and demonstrating resilience.

The matrix provides a comprehensive overview of the skills needed for each role level, from entry-level to senior management. It is designed to help individuals understand the skills they need to develop and organisations to identify the skills they need to recruit. The matrix is not a definitive list but a guide, and it will be updated regularly to reflect the changing nature of digital roles and skills.

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