Digital businesses face a looming skills shortage, with two-thirds of organisations lacking the necessary talent to drive their digital strategies. This finding is from a recent survey by MuleSoft, which reveals that 66% of IT decision-makers believe their teams lack the necessary skills. This situation is expected to trigger an intense scramble for talent, with companies potentially resorting to poaching employees from competitors.

The survey also found that 72% of respondents feel pressure to deliver more in less time, despite the skills gap. This pressure is being felt across all sectors, from retail and finance to the public sector. The skills most in demand include data analytics, API and microservices, security and governance, and integration skills.

The shortage is not just restricted to IT teams. There is also a lack of digital skills within the wider workforce, with 37% of respondents saying their organisation’s employees do not have the skills necessary for the digital age. This lack of skills is preventing organisations from delivering on their digital strategies and achieving their business objectives.

In response to this issue, some organisations are investing in training and development, while others are looking to outsource digital projects. However, the majority are still struggling to find a solution, with many resorting to poaching talent from competitors. This could potentially lead to a ‘war for talent’ in the digital sphere.

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