British businesses demonstrate a high level of digital awareness but lack the necessary skills to fully exploit digital technologies. Despite 96% of businesses acknowledging the importance of digital skills, only 39% believe they have the necessary expertise in-house. This discrepancy is due to a lack of investment in digital skills training, with only 21% of businesses investing in such training in the last 12 months.

The digital skills gap is affecting businesses’ ability to compete in an increasingly digital marketplace. A lack of digital skills can hinder customer engagement, reduce operational efficiency, and limit a business’s ability to innovate. Failure to address this gap could result in British businesses falling behind their international counterparts.

The government and private sector need to work together to address the digital skills gap. This could involve creating more digital apprenticeships, providing more digital skills training in schools and universities, and encouraging businesses to invest in digital skills training for their employees. By addressing the digital skills gap, British businesses can ensure they remain competitive in the digital age.

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