Digitising and digital transformation are two distinct concepts, yet often confused. Digitising involves converting analogue data into digital format, a process that has been ongoing since the advent of computers. On the other hand, digital transformation is a more recent phenomenon, referring to the profound changes in business operations and value propositions brought about by digital technology.

In the context of business, digitising has enabled efficiency, speed, and cost reduction. However, it has not fundamentally altered the way businesses operate or deliver value. Digital transformation, conversely, is about reimagining business in the digital age. It necessitates a shift in mindset, from viewing digital technology as a tool for improving existing processes to seeing it as a catalyst for creating new, innovative business models.

For instance, the music industry has not only digitised music but also digitally transformed the way it is distributed and consumed. Similarly, Uber and Airbnb have digitally transformed the taxi and hotel industries, respectively, by introducing new business models that leverage digital technology.

The challenge for businesses today is not merely to digitise, but to undergo digital transformation – to rethink their operations and value propositions in light of the opportunities and threats presented by digital technology.

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