Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platforms are not likely to emerge anytime soon. The complexity of industrial systems, coupled with the need for customised solutions, makes a one-size-fits-all platform impracticable. These systems are not mere appliances to be plugged in, but intricate structures needing bespoke design and implementation.

The industrial landscape is too diverse and the requirements too specific for a generic platform to be effective. Industries such as manufacturing, energy, healthcare, and transportation each have unique needs and challenges that demand tailored solutions. A single platform to cater to all these sectors is unrealistic and unfeasible.

Rather than waiting for an all-encompassing platform, companies should focus on piecing together individual solutions that address their specific needs. This approach involves integrating a variety of technologies, from sensors and actuators to data analytics tools and cloud services. It’s about building a customised system that suits the business, rather than attempting to fit the business into a pre-existing system.

In essence, the Industrial IoT is not about platforms, but about solutions. It’s about solving problems and improving efficiency, not about finding a one-size-fits-all solution. The future of Industrial IoT lies in customised, integrated solutions, not in elusive, universal platforms.

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