Dreaming, dumping, mapping, and chunking are four steps to help realise goals. Dreaming involves visualising an ideal future, without limitations. Dumping is the process of jotting down all tasks needed to achieve this dream. Mapping is organising these tasks into a logical order, while chunking breaks down larger tasks into smaller, manageable ones.

This process can be applied to any goal, be it personal or professional. It helps to overcome overwhelm, procrastination, and uncertainty. By breaking down a big dream into smaller tasks, it becomes less intimidating and more achievable.

The key is to start with a dream and not worry about how to achieve it. The dumping and mapping stages will help to clarify the steps needed. Chunking then makes each step manageable, turning a daunting dream into a series of small, achievable tasks.

This process also helps to prioritise tasks. By mapping out the steps, it becomes clear which tasks are most important. This helps to focus energy and resources on what really matters, increasing the chances of success.

In summary, dreaming, dumping, mapping, and chunking are powerful tools for goal realisation. They turn a daunting dream into a series of small, achievable tasks, helping to overcome overwhelm and increase the chances of success.

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