Engagement is emerging as a key metric for evaluating social networks, as it provides a more accurate reflection of user activity and involvement than sheer user numbers. This shift in focus is driven by the recognition that a smaller, more active user base can be more valuable than a larger, less engaged one.

Facebook, for instance, has a high level of engagement, with 63% of users visiting the site daily. LinkedIn, on the other hand, sees only 13% of its users visit daily. Twitter falls somewhere in the middle, with 46% of users checking in daily.

The rise of mobile is also influencing engagement levels, with users spending more time on social networks via mobile devices than on desktops. In fact, 60% of social media time is spent on smartphones and tablets.

Engagement also impacts advertising, as more engaged users are more likely to interact with ads and make purchases. As such, advertisers are willing to pay more for highly engaged users, making them a key revenue source for social networks.

In the future, engagement is expected to become even more important, as it provides a more accurate measure of a social network’s health and potential for growth.

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