Enterprise investment themes for 2015 revolve around three main areas: mobile, cloud, and data. Mobile is no longer about smartphones and tablets, but the entire ecosystem that supports them. This includes software, services, and security. In the cloud space, the focus is on platforms that can support large-scale applications. The rise of ‘microservices’ is allowing companies to build complex applications out of smaller, simpler parts.

Data, the third theme, is about more than just storage. It’s about making sense of the vast amounts of information generated every day. This requires new tools and technologies, from machine learning algorithms to visualisation software.

In addition, there are several emerging trends to watch. The ‘Internet of Things’ is connecting devices and sensors to the internet, creating new opportunities for data analysis and automation. The rise of ‘deep learning’, a type of artificial intelligence, is allowing computers to recognise patterns and make predictions in ways that were previously impossible. Finally, the growth of ‘virtual reality’ is creating new opportunities in gaming, education, and beyond.

Overall, the enterprise investment landscape in 2015 is filled with exciting opportunities and challenges. The key is to understand the trends, identify the opportunities, and make smart investments.

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