Enterprise social adoption is on the rise, with companies increasingly recognising the benefits of social tools in business. These tools, which include social networks, blogs, wikis, and discussion forums, are being utilised to enhance communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

A survey by AIIM reveals that 47% of businesses have adopted enterprise social tools, up from 26% in 2011. The increase is attributed to the desire to improve internal communication and collaboration, with 40% of respondents stating that these tools have significantly improved their ability to share knowledge across the organisation.

Despite this, there are challenges to enterprise social adoption, including the need to integrate these tools into existing workflows and the lack of a clear return on investment. Additionally, businesses are grappling with issues of security and governance, with 26% of respondents stating that they have experienced a security breach or data loss due to the use of social tools.

To overcome these challenges, businesses are encouraged to adopt a strategic approach to enterprise social adoption. This involves defining clear objectives, implementing a robust governance strategy, and ensuring that these tools are integrated into existing workflows.

In the future, it is predicted that enterprise social tools will become even more integral to business operations, with AIIM predicting a 72% increase in adoption over the next two years.

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